AviationCloud is a highly advanced platform for providing best-in-class global flight planning capabilities that integrates seamlessly into virtually any enterprise system in use by flight operations teams today.

We are proud to help aviation’s leading service providers achieve their business objectives by providing technology that enhances the end user experience, increases safety, enables significant cost savings, and facilitates innovation while reducing the overall time to market.

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AviationCloud Flight Plan Engine

With a full range of capabilities including route generation and optimization, fuel flow calculations, briefing, filing, and access to aircraft, navigation, airport, and meteorological data, the AviationCloud platform provides a flexible, tailored, and accurate engine, designed to integrate into existing or new systems.



Route Generation

AviationCloud is the leading provider of routes for flight plans. Its unique dynamic route generation is global, fast, and has unparalleled features and quality. Extensive studies show that AviationCloud delivers unmatched validity and quality in the market.

Dynamic route generation is the preferred method for producing the highest quality routes. The versatility of the AviationCloud platform allows integrators to define rules governing how their route optimization should work. Custom constraints such as minimizing time or cost, avoiding FIR’s or countries, bypassing weather or even custom-defined airspaces, provides operators with an extremely flexible way of consistently implementing the business logic that matters most. This results in full 4D route trajectories with both lateral and vertical optimization that stay-over-land, avoid terrain and meet all other designated constraints. For more simple missions, AviationCloud provides access to static route sets (recently generated/filed routes etc.). AviationCloud maintains a large number of static routes to serve as an alternative to the dynamic route generation method.

Fuel Flow Calculation

Save fuel, time and cost with a flexible and reliable flight planning engine that meets your operational needs, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Support both simple and advanced fuel flow calculations with a highly adaptable calculation engine
  • Briefing High calculation precision fuel flow calculations with state-of-the-art multi-dimensional data interpolation methods
  • Increase confidence in reliable, first-time-flyable flight plans
  • Optimize cost index
  • Optimize speed

Flight Plan Optimization

AviationCloud’s fuel flow calculations are based on a flexible aircraft performance model that supports imported data from a wide variety of different aircraft. The performance calculations deliver high precision results, even with low fidelity performance data.

In addition to high precision fuel flow calculations, the flight planning engine supports multiple operational rule sets such as EO-OPS and FAA-OPS. The AviationCloud engine also supports reduced contingency fuel scenarios (RCF), extended range operations (ERA), and even extended operations (ETOPS) calculations.

Briefing Generation

The AviationCloud platform can be used to generate pre-rendered fully-operational briefing documents including:

  • Customizable flight logs
  • Cross-section charts including winds, icing, turbulence, tropopause and grid/MORA
  • WX and NOTAMs (airport, en-route, FIR and other NOTAMs) relevant for your flight
  • Wind charts for low and high flight levels along a given route
  • Significant weather charts for low and high flight levels along a given route
  • METAR/TAF reports for all relevant airports in your flight plan


AviationCloud allows integrators to access the AFTN messaging system for filing and messaging with a seamless integration through the AviationCloud API. The API supports filing, canceling, cancel/refile, delay, CTOT messages and general messaging.

Data Access

AviationCloud contains data from various proven sources – spatial data for navigation and topology, constraint data for generation of consistent flight data, performance data for a very large number of aircraft, meteorological data and many other types of data.

The data are retrieved from industry leaders like Lufthansa Systems, London / Washington MetOffice, network managers (CFMU / FAA), OEM manufacturers and many others. Most of these data can be queried by integrators ensuring high quality and always up-to-date consistent data in their applications.

For more information, contact AviationCloud sales department (sales@AviationCloud.aero).


Flight Challenge

The Aviation Industry, in its pursuit of margin, is constantly searching for effective measures to reduce operating costs. Many operators invest heavily in new and more efficient aircraft to cut fuel costs. However, many operators in their continuous pursuit of savings, do not fully leverage technology capable of significantly improving flight planning procedures and generating more cost-efficient flight plans.

AviationCloud’s scalable architecture combined with superior performance in optimizing flights, makes it ideal not only for benchmarking, post-operation analysis and data mining, but also for flight dispatch to monitor and highlight planned flights with savings potential.

The Flight Challenge automated tool analyzes a given flight operation to identify improvements. The tool can be configured to search for improvements in cost or time, and will highlight the flights that have improvement potential according to customized trigger levels.



The AviationCloud platform is linked to a data source, providing access to the fully scheduled and planned missions of an operator. For the best results, the link is configured directly with the operator’s flight planning system, but can also be linked indirectly through CFMU, FAA or even FlightAware or similar data sources. Planned flight data are imported into the AviationCloud platform and then analyzed (challenged) for improvement potentials according to customized trigger levels.

Each challenge seeks to improve certain aspects of the flight, such as the choice of lateral trajectory, vertical profile, fuel profile, etc., to identify a new valid flight that has a more attractive profile based on the chosen optimization criteria (minimized cost or minimized time).

Depending on how the system is applied, a different output is provided. If a benchmark is performed, a report is provided with the results of all challenges performed, detailing the fuel consumption, the flight time, the costs (including overflight charges, operational costs and fuel costs) and many other parameters. If the flight monitor is applied, the system will continuously monitor the planned operation of an airline, indicating which and how flights can be improved, giving dispatchers a chance to re-plan the flight and actually realize the identified savings.

View the Results

AviationCloud has performed a high number of benchmarks on large operations worldwide with interesting results. The flight challenge analysis is performed in close cooperation with the airline’s dispatch specialists, ensuring that no false positives (or false negatives) are caused by data errors or special company specific flight planning rules that were applied.

Most of the benchmarks performed show that actual savings potentials can be realized by modifying slightly the operation planning process, changing or extending the flight planning system, or, in some cases, adding additional equipment to the aircraft.

Normally, the ratio of flights meeting the default improvement criteria ($50 / flight) is between 15% and 45% in the first automated analysis, and typically settles out to approximately 5% - 10% after optimal configuration and detailed analysis has been performed. For larger operations, this constitutes significant savings.

View the Methodology

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